Exploring Climate-Conscious Eating

As we become more aware of what we allow to enter our bodies, the effect we have on the planet becomes more and more undeniable. Climate-conscious eating is all about educating people on how their food choices can positively or negatively affect the earth. 

The climate-conscious movement is not here to judge anyone but to bring different ways to convert daily habits like eating into more sustainable and climate-friendly acts. Sarah Rodhes an Environmental Sustainability Consultant once explained it as: 


“It’s about wanting to balance eating well for my health and also being mindful of my impact."


Some of us when grocery shopping are attentive to packaging design however, this is not the only habit we can adopt to be more conscious. Other aspects like food production, supply chain, and cultivation methods are good factors to check out, if available. 

Zenko wants to help you feel better about your contribution to the planet but also within yourself in terms of nutrition, so here are some tips that will help you achieve just that: 

  • Add more plant-based recipes to your weekly meals, if you aren’t used to vegetarian or vegan dishes, it’s alright. 

Take small steps and make small substitutions at the start. Opt for fruits, vegetables, legumes as staples of your meals, when it comes to snacking opt for natural ingredients with minimal processing, like our water lily pops ;)

  • Mindful shopping and a little preparation when doing groceries can completely change your week and even contribute to a better use of your money. 
  • Buying locally, supporting local farmers, companies, and producers.
  • Conserving water, can be a point of improvement, be mindful of water usage you have at home but also, think about food supply chains. You might be able to shift to food that requires less water to grow or produce.

Overall, we can all contribute small bits to create a bigger impact while feeling good about ourselves.


Collab with Eimy M. Santos

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