How much is the delivery fee?

For orders above 40 euro shipping is free in Belgium while for orders with a lower value a shipping fee will be charged.

When will my snacks arrive?

Zenko snacks arrive within 5 working days. For bulk orders, contact us and we'll get your orders shipped to multiple addresses.

Can I send it to a friend's address? 

That's really kind of you! Sharing is caring ❤️ Yes, simply key in his/her address in the shipping address. For complimentary handwritten notes, contact us and let us know your short message for your friend and we'll handwrite it.


My snacks are damaged. What should I do?

We're sorry for your poor experience! We check every single order before it gets shipped out to make sure everything's tidy, fresh, and delicious. If you receive defective goods, please contact us straight away and we"ll make sure that you get a new batch. 🌶️

I don't like the products. What can I do?

We're sorry for your poor experience ! Do contact us with your feedback so we can improve our products along the way 😁.

Bulk/corporate orders

How do I send multiple packs to my friends?

Thank you for your support! Our snacks make great gifts for friends or family 🎁 For bulk orders, simply contact us with a list of their names, contact numbers, shipping addresses, and email addresses and we'll confirm the orders by the next working day.

How do I order on behalf of my company/office pantries?

Thanks for considering us as your snacks partner! Till date, we have been stocked at Google, Bloomberg, and Netflix offices and their employees LOVE our Water Lily Pops! It's true - our pops get snapped up before lunch time. ✌️😎 To order for your office pantry, email us with your preference and budget and we'll offer you hard-to-forget snacks at hard-to-beat prices!

Do you have special care packs I can gift my employees?

We have employee care packs specially catered for you. Email us with your preference and budget and we'll get back to you in a day!


Where can I buy Water Lily Pops?

Your local Delhaize, Carrefour or Albert Heijn supermarkets!

Water Lily Pops

What's the shelf life of Water Lily Pops?

Shelf life is one year from date of production! Our packets are puffed up to ensure maximum crunch and wholesome pops. With no artificial flavourings and preservatives, you know you are tasting popped gold. Once the pack is opened, consume within the next 30 minutes to enjoy the maximum crunch. (Realistically speaking... it'll probably be finished within a minute! 😉)

Hold on, what are Water Lily Pops in the first place?

It's an ancient superfood harvested in the Himalayan foothills for over 2,000 years. ⛰️ In Bihar (Northeast India), the seeds of the Water Lily flower are harvested, dried, roasted, and popped to produce a light and crunchy, highly nutritious snack. Locals use it for their daily cooking, even making flour and pudding out of it! We`re the first company to bring this superfood into Europe. Read more about its benefits.

It's vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, wild harvested, 100% natural popped seeds.

It's not even a question. Water Lily Pops are that impressive! 🎊

Is it the same as popcorn?

It's better than popcorn in many ways. It contains less fat, less calories than popcorn, but double the crunch! It also contains more protein, more fibre, and has naturally occurring rare minerals like magnesium and potassium. Also, it is a heritage crop cultivated in a traditional way, meaning that it's free from the clutches huge agricultural conglomerates play in producing GMO corn, which often exploit farmers and destroy arable land in many regions in the world. 🌽 Read more here.

Why is it more expensive than regular popcorn?

We are working towards a sustainable Seed-to-Snack business in which the farmers in India are offered a fair wage. The makhana production process is also resource-heavy and requires many hours of labour and skill to get high grade, high quality pops. To top it off, we work very hard to offer you the best flavours and it is worth every dollar!

Okay take my money. Where do I order?

Read our story and choose from our four flavours here! Thank you for your support and we hope that you can help us spread the word to your loved ones too!

Ancient Grain Clusters


Popped Jowar, better known as sorghum, is one of the seven ancient grains. They have been around for thousands of years and have never been genetically modified. After popping the grains, we cluster them with popular flavors like chocolate, apple and caramel.