ZENKO is a healthy snack company that explores the world for ancient superfoods that we transform into modern, plantbased snacks. We work directly with the local farmers in our seed-to-snack model to create conscious, nutritious and delicious snacks.


We source ancient superfoods from their place of heritage, and pop them in a traditional way to maintain the nutrients of the seeds. This light & crunchy snack brings more diversity to your diet while protecting the planet and empowering the people who make them.


Over the past few decades, globalization has homogenized what we eat which resulted in a loss of diversity.

Of the roughly 6,000 different plant species once consumed by human beings, only 9 staple crops remain today. Only 4 of them count for 60% of our worldwide calorie intake (rice, wheat, corn and potato). Overreliance on such a few crops creates an imbalance in nature & diet.

Due to monoculture, heritage crop varieties go extinct with the risk of losing not only traditional foodways, but also flavors, smells and textures that never may be experienced again.


ZENKO understands this issue and wants to be part of the solution by providing a road map to a diverse food system that is healthier for men & planet, more robust against diseases, pests and climate extremes and, above all richer in flavor and meaning.

We aim to be a pioneer for exploring ancient superfoods which restore richness and diversity within the snacking category.

By promoting diversity in our human diet, we also empower the culture and history of the land and people who produce them.

Our brand connects the consumer with the source of the snacks, its history and the people producing it.


Zenko represents the ancient goddess of agriculture and is known for its mythical power of transformation that it uses to help people in need. Just like the ancient stories, Zenko transforms superfoods into healthy snacks to help people.