What are Water Lily Pops? (Makhana)

Water lily pops by ZENKO Superfoods
Historically Reserved for Goddesses

Makhana - a secret ancient superfood stored in the bud of the Water Lily Plant for thousands of years – is now rediscovered by ZENKO as Water Lily Pops. The Himalayan superfood is made from the abundant water lily seeds in the ponds of Bihar, in Northeast India. For thousands of years, Makhana seeds have been an integral part of Indian cuisine. It has been used to substitute vegetables in delicious curries, grind into flour to make local delicacies, as well as made into puddings for families to enjoy.

With the recent research into the powerful benefits of these nutrient-dense seeds, Makhana is becoming the new superfood powerhouse to watch, renowned for its health benefits and its light, crunchy texture. Makhana is known for its use in traditional medicines, having been consumed for the purpose of anti-ageing, better sleep, increased energy, and for its effects as an aphrodisiac for centuries.  

Makhana water lily pops

The authentic superfood’s health benefits and delicious taste have earned its reputation as a dangerously addictive alternative to potato chips or popcorn. With its protein content and important nutrients like fiber, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants, Makhana provides tasty nourishment with no cholesterol and less fat than its alternatives. In addition to the nutritional benefits, the snack is naturally vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Water lily pops makhana seeds

The water lily seeds come from beautiful purple flowers, called the Prickly Water Lily plant, or the Euryale Ferox, growing in the vast, beautiful ponds of Bihar. These vibrant flowers have lush, flat green leaves that can grow to up to a meter in diameter, draped over the surface of the pond, absorbing sunlight and nutrients to keep the flowers flourishing.

 Bihar water lily pops pond ZENKo

 Water Lily seed cultivation takes an exceeding amount of expertise and skill from the farmers who dedicate their lives to this craft. Wading waist deep into ponds, the farmers pick the raw seeds from the water lilies to be cleaned, stored and dried in the Indian sun. Next, our farmers select the highest quality seeds for roasting and popping, converting them to our crunchy Water Lily Pops, full of nutritional goodness. The popped seeds are then finally coated in various delicious natural flavours, providing the last touch to the tasty delicious crunch of the world’s new favourite superfood snack.

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