How does snacking look like in 2024?

It’s 2024 and everything about the way we consume food is constantly transforming, from the increasing amount of choices and diversity to the growing importance of nutrition and healthier options. Snacks have become the rightful companion for millions of people looking to boost their energy levels and productivity throughout different times of the day, so much so that some consumers have reduced their meals to smaller portions but have added more snacks to their diet. 

This new trend has also affected the snacks market, the traditional snack choices like protein bars, potato chips, and the occasional apple are not cutting it anymore. That’s why in this article we will dive into some of the 2024 market trends and some snacks on the rise. 


1. The Time Dilemma  

It’s more often than not, we feel like we have a lot on our plates and not enough time, despite having 24 hours in the day; personal & professional responsibilities, daily distractions and unexpected moments can make us invest less time in those day-to-day activities like prepping dinner and even cooking. 

Hence, the increased importance of snacks and more importantly healthy snacks! According to several news outlets in the USA, 60% of global consumers have become more mindful when snacking and 61% of those, are actively looking for healthier options. (https://csnews.com/three-snacking-trends-watch-2024)


2. Exploring Global Cuisine Through Snacks

Snacks are the perfect entrance for new flavors and ingredients to enter your palate, exploring cultures through snacking is an undeniable trend of 2024, and it doesn't stop at trying but exploring new combinations while contrasting tastes and textures. Snacks are the perfect level of commitment if you want to try something new. 

This allows consumers to have more choices and variety in their pantry/bags/office, and everywhere else where you can snack (which is everywhere), leading us to our next trend. 


3. All Occasions snacks 

Depending on how old you are, you might remember that when you were a child there were specific ‘snacking moments’ some mid-morning at school and perhaps one right in the afternoon. Nonetheless, this habit has completely changed, today’s consumers are snacking on a significant variety of occasions, depending more on the need of the person rather than a specific time. 

Snacks can come before or after the Gym, when hanging out with friends, when relaxing, as a substitute for a big breakfast and so much more. The once-existent etiquette surrounding snacks will be soon forgotten. 


Some current game changers: 

In the current snack landscape, the organisations of the future are considering all these trends, to provide the best product to the customer. Healthy, sustainable, and conscious snacks are the future, one that comes with an ancient history but still with modern flavours. 

Companies like ZENKO Superfoods are on top of this. We produce several snacks that come from ancient Indian superfoods, and we transform them into plant-based snacks with no additives, preservatives, or chemical flavouring.


Collab with Eimy M. Santos

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