A Superfoods Revolution: Discover ZENKO's New Ancient Grain Granokla


What’s new?

The team at Zenko Superfoods has recently undergone another great adventure, where we discovered more incredible superfoods that our planet holds. This led us to create THE FIRST GRANOLA THAT POPS! 😋

We've conducted many blind taste tests in the Singaporean market, and every single time participants have chosen our granola as their No.1 choice compared to many other brands available. Finally, our Ancient Grain Granola will also be available in Europe! So, it’s the perfect time to give it a try.



 Our community leads innovation 

Throughout the years, we have experimented with different superfoods, sorghum being one of them, as you might know from our sweet and delicious Ancient Grain Clusters. We love sorghum as it has many beneficial properties for our body and for the planet. Its low environmental impact and high nutrient density are the characteristics we applaud!

Over the past years, we’ve seen the Zenko community enjoy our sorghum! People use our clusters as toppings on their desserts, mixed with other snacks and most commonly, pour milk over the tiny pops to enjoy as breakfast. When we tried this ourselves we didn’t expect the result to be so tasty, flavored popped sorghum that melts in your mouth while maintaining its satisfying crunch.

But the story doesn't end there. We saw the opportunity to expand our knowledge and understanding of this grain, so a new adventure began! We have to turn this new discovery into the best breakfast product we could make.


The current market 

The current granola market mainly uses mainly oats as a base… JUST oats. The main difference between brands is flavor and design. That got us thinking… What if we were able to create a granola that incorporated the variety of ancient grains that we and our customers love so much?  Could it add a new dimension to the texture? Could it taste better than the granola we tried? And what would the ultimate nutritional benefits be? 

Now, we can answer all these questions with pride. Our granola is crafted with a unique blend of nutritious ancient grains like popped sorghum, pearl millet, and Australian oats. Pearl millet and finger millet were even celebrated by the United Nations and declared the year 2023 as the International year of Millets, say what?! 



Beyond the Ancient Grain Granola being so delicious, it's also a nutritional powerhouse loaded with nuts and seeds, rich in essential minerals like magnesium and iron-  a treat for your taste buds and a boost for your overall health and wellness.

From today, we launch the Chocolate Trail Mix 🍫🌰, Golden Honey Crunch 🍯🐝and Tropical Fruit Mix 🍍🌴. All our products are natural, plant-based and gluten-free, making your snacking experience guilt-free. You can enjoy every bite to the fullest and enjoy a boost to your digestion with our rich source of dietary fiber. 

Join this adventure with us!

Order here: https://zenkosuperfoods.eu/collections/ancient-grain-granola

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