10 Health Benefits of Water Lily Pops (Makhana)

10 Health benefits of makhana and water lily seeds

Perhaps you heard from your North-Indian neighbour about this mysterious superfood ingredient called Makhana which she has been cooking with. Perhaps you saw bags of creamy white marble-sized puffs at Mustafa while shopping for anything and everything at the food aisle, and wondered what they were. Perhaps this is the first time you’re hearing of Makhana.

What is this secret ingredient Makhana? Why is it getting so popular?

You are not alone. For many non-Indians, Makhana is an obscure snack which only recently exploded into the global healthy snack industry thanks to the Indian diaspora across the globe. For many North Indians, Makhana is a healthy and natural ingredient which has been consumed for more than 2000 years and used as a cooking staple for generations. 

An ancient ingredient passed down for generations

Water Lily Pops are produced by roasting the seeds of the Water Lily flower found in the ponds at the foot of the Himalayas. It is a wild and abundant crop which is now the main agricultural crop of the State of Bihar, India. The locals consume these puffed seeds as a substitute for vegetables in curries, as a pudding ingredient for sweet desserts, as well as grind it into flour to make chapatis and dough.

This ancient superfood secret packs a crunch. Here are 10 health benefits of Water Lily Pops.

  1. It is low in calories yet boosts your energy
  1. Low fat with zero trans-fat
  1. Improves heart health and stabilises blood pressure
  1. Aids in digestion and keeps kidneys healthy
  1. An ancient aphrodisiac
  1. Good source of protein and antioxidants
  1. Helps with lactation for breastfeeding mums
  1. Suitable snack for diabetics, Low GI
  1. Improves mental wellbeing, soothes anxious thoughts
  1. Gluten-free, 100% natural seeds
ZENKO Superfoods’ mission is to re-discover the superfoods which carry deep cultural history and significance from regions all over the world. ZENKO’s first mission was to explore the beautiful region of Bihar, India, where we re-discovered the ancient Indian superfood Makhana.

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